High school girls

The high school girl is a slug-like[1] creature which lives parasitically from the rest of the human race. They are tolerated by high school boys primarily due to the proliferation of hormones, parents who don't know better than to have them put down, the education industrial complex and perverts, and generally exterminated on sight by Sandwich Demons.

Almost the equivalent of saying, "No high school girls".
The British High School Girls' Flag

“These miscreants are part of a global communist conspiracy designed to put Fidel Castro in charge of America and to recognize George Soros as a patron saint. They are destroying the American moral fabric piece by piece and truning it into dog shit. They are creating a huge burden on the American welfare system by uncontrollably creating descendants to eat and defeciate their way to more food stamps, Medicaid, and moolah. Then they have more descendants to get more government money and then Obama has to step in and make Planned Parenthood provide free birth control. Then, after that, their kids grow up and repeat the same process. What would Jefferson think about this perversion of the United States of America? Call my red telephone and explain this to me!!!! Washington? Anyone?”

For moar advanced readers, the smarterer engelsk speakers at Uncle Pete have an article about High school girls.

“Wait, wasn't the U.S.S.R. a ship?”

~ Your average high school girl
High school girls will do almost anything.

“These pinheads in the lamestream media suck money from these dopes like stealing candy from a baby. And I don't do that with old people by marketing my books to them!”

“They are so much less smart than boys, so I give them 20% less questions on exams than boys. See if you can learn how to sepll out superiur.”

~ Andrew Schlafly

“She's hogging the bathroom again! Mom? She's doing it again!”

~ The unfortunate brother of a high school girl

“Stupidity can be found in those who spend hours talking to rectangles.”

~ Buddha

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  1. Slug-like in the sense that they have rudimentary clumps of nerve cells that perform in place of a brain. In terms of activity levels, there is no comparison, of course.
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