Larry Sanger

Larry Sanger.jpg

Larry Sanger is the arch rival and ex-love interest of the outlaw Jimbo Wales.

Originally, they were a happily married couple. The first strains of their wedded bliss appeared when Jimbo developed a deep addiction to porn. Deeply saddened, Larry developed incurable Wikimania, and started writing millions of well-researched articles about subjects no one cared about.

Later, in an effort to save their relationship, Jimbo suggested that they could use Larry's wiki to create the largest library of porn the word had ever seen. Their first joint project Nudepedia relied strictly on professional models and was an expensive, preening, whining disaster in stilleto heels and loud pink lipstick. In a pinch, Jimbo decided that more flesh could be had by getting amateur submissions, and thus Wankipedia was born.

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