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{{title|My Readie-Thingie|align=center}}__NOTOC__<table width=100%><tr><td><div align=center><p style="margin: 0 0 3%; text!--align: center; fontmain page -size: 125%; line-height: 1.3">Welcome Americans and you! This fun place that [[Uncyclopedia|easy read]]. We are use little teeny word so you can see them on your own computer! Can make [[Uncyclopedia:Browse|read]] '''your''' collection of words and stuff any time its want - gets [[Help:HowTo|magically]] changed by we '''just for you!!!<!!''' Shy not do not be - it yes certainly is [[Content-free|without no many contents]]!!!</p><br><br><p style="margin:0 0 0 3%;text**** first panel -align:center;font-size:94%">[[Sophia]] has makes us work on [[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]] articles '''for just to you!!!'''.Main Page panel|</p>''Because you is so smart, and because this is '''on you're computer''', you can edit even if you have pudding cups. Don't floccinaucinihilipilificate the catching of Pneumoneultramicroscopicsilicavolcaniconiosis, you pseudo-antidisestablishmentarianists, you! (Sorry if i gave you a brain hemo- hema- hhemmorrr******** banner subpanel - bleedy-thing. Makes mores words smerts! Definately!, no wait, dafanataly, no wait... diffinittely! You don't need help, but if your bored, read all about lerrning...i mean [[Help:HowTo>{{Main Page subpanel|column=both|lorning to spill]] and [[Flamewar Guidelinesid=EnWpMpBook2|dealing with the gnomes in you're computer]].<br>'' <h5>Browse: <p style="fontborder: 3px double #cccccc; padding: 1em 0 .6em; background-variantcolor: small-caps#ffffff; textbackground-alignrepeat:centerno-repeat; menbackground-topposition: 0% 20%; margintext-bottomalign:.2emcenter; fontwhite-sizespace: 105%nowrap;">[[:Category:Politics and Government|Great Leaders]] | [[:Category:Games|Things to play with]] | [[:Category:Computers and Technology|Things to play with that beep]] | [[:Category:People|Other people just like you]] | [[:Category:Quaint|Midgets]] | [[:Category:Coherent|Hard words]] <br> [[Special:Popularpages|Most favoritest]] | [[Special:Allpages|Words in order of the alphabet (A is for Apple, B is for Bus, 2 is for 24)]] | [[Uncyclopedia:Browse|Other scary things...]]</p> </h5>1= <!--''[[Uncyclopedia:Browse|Look at things in Uncyclopedia]] &middot; [[Uncyclopedia:Browse by overview|Article overviews]] &middot; [[Uncyclopedia:Quick index|Alphabetical index]] &middot; [[Uncyclopedia:Category schemes|Other category schemes]]''************ header --><br></div> </td><td>[[Image:WeStandAsOne.jpg|thumb|280px|[[United States of America|Land]] of [[Bob Barker|the free!]] <br> [[United Spades of Amerika|Home]] of [[George W. Bush|the brave!]]]]</td></tr></table> {| cellspacing="3" h1 style="clearfont-size:both"|-valign="top"|width="55230%" class="MainPageBG" style="border: 1px solid #ffc9c9; color: #000; backgroundfont-color: #fff3f3"|<div style="paddingfamily: .4em .9em .9em"> <h3>Today's show my men</h3>{{Featuredarticle}} You can [[Uncyclopedia:VFH|put your mark]] for your most favoriteist things to be taken to show and tell. hoefler text','times new roman'[[Uncyclopedia, serif; font-variant:Best of|More favoriteist things from show and tell]]'''small----<div style="floatcaps; border:rightnone;margin-left:5px0; padding: 0;">''[{{SERVER}}{{localurl:Uncyclopedia:Anniversaries/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}}_{{CURRENTDAY}}|action=edit}} edit]''</div<h3>What happend lorng ago today</h3>{{Uncyclopedia:Anniversaries/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}}_{{CURRENTDAY}}}} '''Welcome to [[Simple English Uncyclopedia:Anniversaries/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}}|What happend long ago other days]]'''</divh1>|width="45%" class="MainPageBG" style="border: 1px solid #c6c9ff; color: #000; background-color: #f0f0ff"|<div style="padding: .4em .9em .9em"><div style="float:right;margin-lefttop:5px.3em;">''[{{SERVER}}{{localurl:Template:Recentnews|action=edit}} edit]''</div> <h3>Things that the nice man on the tellyvision box next to the pretty lady are telling you (betwen advertizements)</h3>{{Recentnews}} '''[[Current events|What things are happening]]'''font----<div style="floatsize:right;margin-left:5px90%;">''[{{SERVER}}{{localurl:Template:DidYouKnow-Simple|action=edit}} edit]''</div> <h3>Did you know...</h3>the ''From Uncyclopedia's retard [[Special:Listadmins|mommies and daddiesencyclopedia]]:{{DidYouKnow-Simple}} '''that [[Did You Know|find out moreany dumb]]'''can change
|<!--| colspan="2" class="MainPageBG" style="border: 1px solid #c9c9c9; color: #000; background************ /header -color: #f3fff3"| <div style="padding: .4em .9em .9em"><div style="float:right;margin-left:5px;">''[{{SERVER}}{{localurl:Template:Recent|action=edit}} edit]''</div> <h3>Some things that have been recently got written</h3>{{Recent}} '''[[Special:Newpages|Happy new Years!]]''' |'''[[Special:Wantedpages|christmas list]]''' |'''[[:Category:Rewrite|they Can't be read, don't feal bad]]''' |'''[[:Category:Stub|So little it could be a chia pet]]''' |'''[[Special:Lonelypages|mAKE fRIENDS WITH tHESE]]'''
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|-| colspan="2" class="MainPageBG" <div style="bordermargin: 1px solid #c9c9c90; colorfont-size: #00090%; background-color: #ffffdf"| <div style="padding: .4em .9em .9em"> <h3>Monkey of Search the Month</h3>[[Special:Statistics|{{MonthlyAwardsNUMBEROFARTICLES}}]] articles in the [[Simple English Uncyclopedia]]
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<!-- ************ links strapline --><div>[[Simple English Uncyclopedia Wiki:How to write Simple English articles|}How to write Simple English articles]]&nbsp;'''·''' [[Simple English Uncyclopedia Wiki:Useful|Useful pages]]&nbsp;'''·''' [[Simple English Uncyclopedia Wiki:Simple talk|Simple talk]]&nbsp;'''·''' [[Special:CategoryTree/Project|Categories]]&nbsp;'''·''' [[Help:Contents|Help]]<br />[[Simple English Uncyclopedia Wiki:Stupids|Stupid Gateway]] (for users who want to make changes from a stupidity)<div><!-- ************ /links strapline -->
{{Simple Languages}}To maek some new fiends so talk about ztuff, go to [[Uncyclopedia:Chat|this irc thing]].<!-- ******** /banner subpanel -->}}
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