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George W. Bush

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]]殊布屌:wt{{q|There is madmen in the world, and there are terror|Dubya}}{{q|I guess it's OK to call the secretary of education here 'buddy.' That means friend.|Dubya}}{{q|One of the very difficult parts of the decision I made on the financial crisis was to use hardworking people's money to help prevent there to be a crisis.|Dubya}}{{q|In terms of the economy, look, I inherited a recession, I am ending on a recession.|Dubya}}{{q|The best way to ensure that there is a sustainable cease-hz[[fire is to work with Egypt to stop the smuggling of arms into the Gaza|Dubya}}]]什布小:hz[[{{q|So I analyzed that and decided I didn't want to be the president during a depression greater than the Great Depression, or the beginning of a depression greater than the Great Depression.|Dubya}}]]hsuB .W egroeG:rt[[{{q|I've abandoned free market principles to save the free market system|Dubya}}]]ดุ๊ต ีอลิบเบัด จ์รอจ:ht[[{{q|This thaw—took a while to thaw, it's going to take a while to unthaw|Dubya}}]]hsuB egroeG:vs[[{{q|I didn't grow up in the ocean—as a matter of fact—near the ocean—I grew up in the desert. Therefore, it was a pleasant contrast to see the ocean. And I particularly like it when I'm fishing|Dubya}}]]йишдалм-шуБ ждрожД:ur[[{{q|The people in Louisiana must know that all across our country there's a lot of prayer—prayer for those whose lives have been turned upside down. And I'm one of them.|Dubya}}]]hsuB {{q|I remember meeting a mother of a child who was abducted by the North Koreans right here in the Oval Office.W egroeG:tp[[|Dubya}}]]hsuB egroeG:lp[[{{q|This foreign policy stuff is a little frustrating.|Dubya}}]]hsuB {{q|We spent a lot of time talking about Africa, as we should.W egroeG:on[[Africa is a nation that suffers from incredible disease.|Dubya}}]])troosreid( hsuB:ln[[{{q|You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test.|Dubya}}]]hsuB suigroeG:al[[{{q|You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror.|Dubya}}]]ュシッブ・W・ジーョジ:aj[[{{q|They misunderestimated me.|Dubya}}]]hsuB {{q|Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream.W egroeG:ti[[|Dubya}}]]hsuB {{q|I'll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office.W egroeG:uh[[|Dubya}}]]hsuB {{q|Natural gas is hemispheric.W egroeG:rh[[I like to call it hemispheric in nature because it is a product that we can find in our neighborhoods|Dubya}}]]שוברע ויליבד {{q|If this were a dictatorship, it'גרוd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'ג:eh[[m the dictator.|<s>HITLER</s> Dubya}}]]muihsuB:rf[[{{q|See, without the tax relief package, there would have been a deficit, but there wouldn't have been the commiserate --"not commiserate --"the kick to our economy that occurred as a result of the tax relief.|Dubya}}]]hsuB {{q|The great thing about America is everybody should vote.|George W egroeG:if[[. Bush}}]]hsuB {{q|The legislature's job is to write law. It's the executive branch's job to interpret law.W egroeG:se[[|Dubya}}]]hsuB egroeG:oe[[{{q|If you don't stand for anything, you don't stand for anything! If you don't stand for something, you don't stand for anything!|Dubya}}]]hsuB {{q|They want the federal government controlling Social Security like it's some kind of federal program.W egroeG:ne[[|Dubya}}{{q|It's your money. You paid for it.|Dubya}}]]hsuB {{q|You know, I'm the President during this period of time, but I think when the history of this period is written, people will realize a lot of the decisions that were made on Wall Street took place over a decade or so, before I arrived in President, during I arrived in President.W egroeG:ed[[|Dubya}}]]hsuB {{q|The truth of that matter is, if you listen carefully, Saddam would still be in power if he were the president of the United States, and the world would be a lot better off.W egroeG:sc[[|Dubya}}{{q|DER!|Dubya}}{{Infobox President | name= George Dubya "Eye Rack" Bush| nationality= Dubyese]]hsuB | image name= bushcat.W egroeG:sb[[jpg| order= Crazites| date1= 2001| date2= When Republicans stop giving him press time| preceded= Blah Clinton| succeeded= Barack Osama| date of birth= Sometime in 1946| place of birth= Texas| date of death= 23 December 2012| place of death= Jurassic Park| wife= Taylor Swift, but only in his dreams| party= Repooblican]]излъс инимом ечтекуБ:gb[[| vicepresident= Badshot Cheney]]شوب جروج:ra[[}}
]]tnecca na htiw kaeps taht saxeT morf elpoeP :yrogetaC[[]]diputS:yrogetaC[[]]stoidI:yrogetaC[[]]scitiloP SU:yrogetaC[[]]snaicitiloP:yrogetaC[[]]esrA[[*]]toidI[[*]]seiL[[*]]parC['''George Dubya Bush''' (b. 1946) is one of the elves of the land of Mordor to serve as the [*]]diputS[[*President of the United States]]rorreT no raWin order to fulfill the prophecy of the eeeeeeeeeevil [[*Barbie]]liOdolls. He is a creepy stalker who lurks among the American body politic. Some think he is [[*Elvis]]natsinahgfAreincarnated. Yet others think he's an abominable pizza. He was a huge fan of [[*Burger King]]qarIuntil joining the Cult. And he never found [[*Osama bin Laden]]hsuB egroeG fo smarganA. Yet others believe him to be the burning bush [[*Super Moses]]hsuB W egroeGcountered. [[*Uncle Pete]]hsuB egroeG[[*==oslA eeS====sdne dna sddo rehtO==think he is Hitler, but that simply could not be. Everyone knows Dubya to be that of the Order of the Flippy Burger.
Dubya is said to be the sole reason the Presidency sucks.noitasrevnoc lareneg ni dna serotskoob ni htnom txen nettogrof eb lliw dna polf [[Obama|But, is he?]] His response during 9/11 could truly be a saw ti sign of the times. Even his re-election bid against that [[John Kerry]] fellow. Strange,yleruSreally. Some credit him with countering privacy with the PATRIOT Act. But, did he? He also has an infatuation with radical revolutionary [[Taylor Swift]] for some odd reason. Iraq could have done without Dubya, but would it have collapsed under Saddam? After all, he was a really fat man.
}}aybuD|!TI EVOL I|q{{}}rehcaet hsilgnE lacitirC|It is indeed true that Dubya is a piece of crap, but why? Is it his purposeful loss of the [[War on Terror]] to Islamic fundamentalism? Is it the wonder of the fact that he encountered [[Colonel Sanders]]? Or even [[Jesus]]?ti ni ''sdrow'' era ereht Or is it the wonder of the fact that he had a pizza party at the [[White Castle]]? [[Joe Bin Biden]] could have something to do with it,woW|q{{}}aciremA|!trelA SB|q{{}}kceB nnelG|!emit fo etsaw A|q{{}}nworB eilrahC|!notgnihsaW ot seoG nworB eilrahCbut we'' naht esroW|q{{re not sure?
Is Dubya really constipated? Indeed he could be.==Early Life==Dubya was born in Houston, Texas to [[Eminem]] and [[Brooke]] in a bowl of fruit. His siblings Larry, Moe, and Curley were indeed the brightest of the bucket. Immediately upon being born, Dubya enlisted in the Global Irreverent Commission. He was assigned the mission of killing the American economy only to let an inexperienced terrorist crash it even further. His godfather [[Ronald Reagan]] visited him on his first birthday and gave him the Watch of Polemics. This would guide his moral compass forever and ever. Thus, Dubya the Evangelist was born. He was strongly for the death penalty upon reading in the words of Locke "Thus, the maniac was born of Jack. He will manage to destroy every little thing upon living. So, would killing this man with ethical measure benefit us all? You decide, you imbecile."===Childhood===[[File:koob eht rof sweiver emos era ereH Bushakid.jpg|150px|right|thumb|Dubya in his innocence]]Dubya was notorious for eating loads of candy. He played dumb games like Jacks and worked in the book of John. Natas had not get gotten a hold of his soul in these days and yet he loved to complain about the warm Texas weather like an arse. Often, Dubya enjoyed playing pranks on his neighbor Frank because he was such an idiot.llew koob eht eviecer ton No one is suggesting that Dubya has ''that'' low of an IQ, but we are almost certain he does. Some wonder what else Dubya did ytisortsnom eht deworrob/detner tsuj ohw scitirc dna seipoc 3 dlos koob ehTas a kid. He played with ducks and loved it. So, often, he would quack all the way home. Dubya almost failed elementary school, due to him writing "farts" to the answer to any question ranging from "Who was the first President" to "What are the three major subatomic particles". Nonetheless, his extra credit report on swiss cheese got him to middle school where he sucked. He managed to make it to high school through bribery.
}}''stnioP noisiceD===Adolescence===Dubya dropped out of high school, kay. But, what did he do before then? His freshman year, Bush took his mom to homecoming due to his lack of self-esteem. He failed brutally in all of his classes except gym, since all Texans are physically fit and the class involved no intelligence. He often took [[Cheerleader|demons]] to the Motel Californie for his personal gain. This is how Dubya managed to also become addicted to alcohol. That made up his sophomore year at Dallas High right after moving from that Houston place they picked on him for wetting his trousers on a trip to the zoo back in fourth grade. After his sophomore year, Dubya dropped out since he had fallen in love with a duck. Of course, it was before Taylor, but this duck was everything to Dubya. So, he married the duck and they began their lives together. He got his GED sometime after the first 334 ducklings, and he barely passed it, due to his idiocy. Often, Dubya drank, and the duck tried to make him quit. Surely, a man of great intellect and intelligence would have known the bodily harm such could induce. But, wait, this is about Dubya. Never mind. So, this often made Dubya angry and he divorced the duck.===Military===Dubya joined the Texas Air Force mainly so he could get some of that delicious food. He went through shoe camp so he could join. He sucked at riding airplanes and often listened to [[Frank Sinatra]] on weekends. Thus, he really sucked at everything the Air Force had to offer. Lo, he quit. He returned to alcohol and slackerdom wishing he still had his duck lover. Verily, Dubya could find another. But, would he do it before going into politics. He was ready to show the world that you didn't need to be smart or a war veteran to be president. It was time for this Texan simpleton to shine his dim light. It was time to rig some elections.==Early Political "Career"==[[File:Dubyababy.jpg|150px|right|thumb|How Dubya Campaigns!]]Dubya has a big history of stealing elections. First in 1978, he ran a bid for the [[Plastic House of Representatives]] against a [[Scary Clowns|scary clown]]. The clown stated Dubya' s lack of touch with rural Texans, and assuredly,aybuD|he lost. He then started reaping [[oil]] so he could run again for another meaningless political office.stoidi era elpoep Stuff happened and Dubya with his new duck family moved to Washington,naM D.C. He got his daddy in the White Castle and moved back to Texas and bought some baseball team.noitartsinimda repus ym fo citirc diputs uoy He had not gotten into politics due to his -45 IQ,no emoC ?qarI gnidavni htrow ton taht sI but he would have his day...after he massaged his main player's back. Swinging a bat can tense up so many muscles. So, Dubya'shtnom 3s early political "career" was just an unsuccessful bid for a legislating job and coasting on his dad'' txen eht rof lio teg did I s achievements. Sounds about right.=="Governor" of Texas==In his homeland of Texas, Dubya felt compelled to retry a political bid for his own ends,tuB which of course is oil.srallod xat ni tol His Demoncratic opponent [[Willy Wonka]] ran on a setatS detinU eht tsoc ti dna did yeht platform of "change and hope", while Dubya just decided to uhhhhhhhhhh. Sure enough,oS Texans weren't ready for change and Dubya was elected.gnihtemos 1/9 no srewoT pmurT eht dekcatta natsikaP morf stoidi emos retfa tnioj eht edavni dluow syug eht os As governor,noitcurtsni ssam fo snopaew gnivah maddaS tuoba deil I ?thgir Dubya stopped antipollution measures and inserted more big oil propaganda into the state. He also met his right-hand man [[Karl Rove]] in his bout in Texas. Verily,lio sah qarI wonk uoy Dubya could have been a mastermind at what he did,yaS|q{{but he cut taxes in Texas.
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!{{cn}} and bad formatting (for good measure)==2000 Presidential Campaign=={{q|I invented teh internets!|Al Gore}}[[File:qarI ni raW eht tuoba koob eht morf tprecxe )esruoc fo Adolf-hitler-bush.jpg|thumb|right|150px|Dubya's proud and shining moment in the campaign]]Back in 1999, when a banana named Blah Clinton was controlling the White Castle and cheating on his wife, the next elections were going on. Running for the Democratic nomination were Al Gore, the inventor of teh internets,and [[Justin Bieber]]ytinnaH naeS, an idiot if I ever seen one. Bieber got [[ rotide ''stnioP noisiceD'' eht yb( detide na si gniwollof ehT Avril Lavigne]] pregnant, thus Al Gore became the nominee for the Dems.snalp laitnediserp-tsop sih dna For the Repooblicans, however,ycnediserp there was a fo liaf split. Should we allow Donald Trump,11/9 retfa dna no worros >s/<ssenippah>s< with financial experience and a mass amount of firings under his belt,rorreT no raW Bill Gates with his computer smarts and money,snoitcele laitnediserp 4002 dna 0002 eht fo >s/<gnilaets>s< [[Jesus]] with his saving of humanity on the cross,maet llabesab ypparc fo renwo dna saxeT fo ronrevog sa ecivres or this uneducated Texan slacker be on our ticket? Sure enough,gnikrow boj ddo they chose the Texan. Dubya ran against Gore on what was probably the closest election in American history. They were pretty much tied until Florida couldn't count their votes correctly due to the stupidity. So,sdib lacitilop deliaf the Supreme Court just gave it to Dubya,msilohocla though Gore actually probably got more votes in Florida. But,skcud htiw noitanicsaf because of Dubya and his ooooooold court buddies,efil ylrae sih sniatnoc tI how will we ever know? Blah Clinton left the White Castle and Dubya took residence and did stuff.==Presidency==''rehtaF tsixraM yM morf smaerDMain Article: [[Epic Fail]]'' s===Pre-9/11===Dubya began his tenure on January 20, 2001. He ran on a promise to restore dignity to the office of the office of President. He didn'amasO kcaraB naht gnitseretni erom sniamer tub t do it. See,saxeT fo etats emoh he'san uneducated Texan and didn'aybuD fo edistuo seipoc yna dlos ton sah tI t need hope and change or country first to win an election. All he needed was a Supreme Court to give it to him.''stnioP noisiceD'' ti demaner ylevitceffe rotide ehT He spent the first few months, called "honeymoon" in political lingo, playing Minesweeper. He, and Vice-President Badshot Tricky Dick Cheney had to give a speech to some idiots knowing nothing more than the average American pre-schooler.Dubya''ztnyoP nuzicseD'' deltitne riomem s first few months are boring and dull, so this is a etorw aybuD waste of time documenting them,ycnediserp sih retfAso why am I bothering to tell you what happened? I don't know.==riomeM=September 11, 2001===Dubya was conducting a photo-op in Florida reading to a bunch of little kids when some terrorist crashed a banana into the Trump Towers. Dubya's natural response was to do nothing. He kept on reading to the little kids. Suddenly, another banana hit the other Trump Tower. Some nameless freak said "Mr. President, America's under attack." So, Dubya took the school by storm giving his first serious address to the nation. He flew back to the White Castle and declared war against Iraq without the permission of Congress after the incident and decided to bomb the place because they had fake weapons of mass instruction. Surely, the War on Terror had begun.
?eno steg eh {{q|UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH|Dubya on the War on Terror}}{{q|Yes,tiaWblood!|Badshot Cheney}}{{q|They will never find me!|Osama bin Laden}}==yrarbiL laitnediserP=={{q|Ohyeh!|Luigi}}
===War on Terror===The War on Terror is the 2001 initiative by President George Dubya Bush to defeat Muslimextremists across the globe. Dubya outlined the War as "A way to spend taxpayer money to defeat some radicals". Not to mention, free ice cream. Bush said that the war would not be over, until the Muslims were killed. So, he did so. In a 2001 Afghanistan bombing, Bush blew up the land since Al-Qaeda operative [[Big Bird]]?hEblew up the World Trade Center. In 2003, Iraq was added to the blowing up thing due to the fact that [[Saddam Hussein|retnec|xp002|gpjAsadam Ahussen]] (not his real name) had WMD (Watermelons Melting Dumbbells). In 2006, Dubya decided to declare war on Iran against the will of Congress, so no American would know about it. In 2008, Dubya declared war on [[Awesomeland]] because he knew he was going to be ousted next year.sananab-aybud_hT:eliFUpon taking office in 2009, [[==ycnediserPBarack Obama|Lord Barry Saddam Hussein Obama Osama bin Laden Taco Salad Cheese Fat-tsoP==face Lenin]] ended the war so he could spend American money on something more important, like cheese puffs. Dubya sucked at war, and lost.
.pu dewercs eh setats 94 rehto eht morf dih dna ,koob a etorw >s/<eh demialc>s< ,saxeT ot kcab devom eH .esnesnon siht fo sraey thgie gnivres retfa ]]amabO NIESSUH kcaraB[[ yb detsuo saw aybuD===ycnediserP fo dnEDomestic Policy===Do nothing.
===Economic Policy===Spend moar money. Give money to CEOs.sparcomeD no ti emalb enoyreve dah dna xif ti tel eh os ,ymonoce na xif ot woh wonk t'ndid hsuB
]]...siht detcele uoY|xp002|thgir|bmuht|gpj.tuoY-ruO-gnihcaeT-aybuD-egroeG-2268928031:eliF[[===noisseceR cimonocEForeign Policy======"noitcele[[File:1106-800-600-george-bush-eR" 4002===explosion.jpg|800px|center]]
Nuff said.dias ffuN
]]retnec|xp008|gpj.noisolpxe===2004 "Re-hsub-egroeg-006-008-6011:eliF[[election"======yciloP ngieroFEconomic Recession===[[File:1308298622-George-Dubya-Teaching-Our-Yout.jpg|thumb|right|200px|You elected this...]]
Bush didn't know how to fix an economy, so he let it fix and had everyone blame it on Democraps.sOEC ot yenom eviG .yenom raom dnepS===yciloP cimonocE===
.gnihton oD===yciloP citsemoDEnd of Presidency===Dubya was ousted by [[Barack HUSSEIN Obama]] after serving eight years of this nonsense. He moved back to Texas, <s>claimed he</s> wrote a book, and hid from the other 49 states he screwed up.
.tsol dna ,raw ta dekcus aybuD .sffup eseehc ekil ,tnatropmi erom gnihtemos no yenom naciremA dneps dluoc eh os raw eht dedne ]]nineL ecaf==Post-taF eseehC dalaS ocaT nedaL nib amasO amabO niessuH maddaS yrraB droL|amabO kcaraBPresidency==[[ ,9002 ni eciffo gnikat nopU File:Th_dubya-bananas.raey txen detsuo eb ot gniog saw eh wenk eh esuaceb ]]dnalemosewA[[ no raw deralced aybuD ,8002 nI .ti tuoba wonk dluow naciremA on os ,ssergnoC fo lliw eht tsniaga narI no raw eralced ot dediced aybuD ,6002 nI .)sllebbmuD gnitleM snolemretaW( DMW dah )eman laer sih ton( ]]nessuhA madasAjpg|200px|center|niessuH maddaS[[ taht tcaf eht ot eud gniht pu gniwolb eht ot dedda saw qarI ,3002 nI .retneC edarT dlroW eht pu welb Eh?]]driB giB[[ evitarepo adeaQ-lA ecnis dnal eht pu welb hsuB ,gnibmob natsinahgfA 1002 a nI .os did eh ,oS .dellik erew smilsuM eht litnu ,revo eb ton dluow raw eht taht dias hsuB .maerc eci eerf ,noitnem ot toN ."slacidar emos taefed ot yenom reyapxat dneps ot yaw A" sa raW eht deniltuo aybuD .ebolg eht ssorca stsimertxemilsuM taefed ot hsuB aybuD egroeG tnediserP yb evitaitini 1002 eht si rorreT no raW ehT===rorreT no raW===
}}igiuL|!heyhO|q{{==Presidential Library==}}nedaL nib amasO|!em dnif reven lliw yehT|q{{}}yenehC tohsdaB|!doolb Wait,seY|q{{}}rorreT no raW eht no aybuD|HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHU|q{{he gets one?
.nugeb dah rorreT no raW eht ,yleruS .noitcurtsni ssam fo snopaew ekaf dah yeht esuaceb ecalp eht bmob ot dediced dna tnedicni eht retfa ssergnoC fo noissimrep eht tuohtiw qarI tsniaga raw deralced dna eltsaC etihW eht ot kcab welf eH .noitan eht ot sserdda suoires tsrif sih gnivig mrots yb loohcs eht koot aybuD ,oS ".kcatta rednu s'aciremA ,tnediserP .rM" dias kaerf sseleman emoS .rewoT pmurT rehto eht tih ananab rehtona ,ylnedduS .sdik elttil eht ot gnidaer no tpek eH .gnihton od ot saw esnopser larutan s'aybuD .srewoT pmurT eht otni ananab a dehsarc tsirorret emos nehw sdik elttil fo hcnub a ot gnidaer adirolF ni po-otohp a gnitcudnoc saw aybuD===1002 ,11 rebmetpeS=Memoir==.wonk t'nod I ?deneppah tahw uoy llet ot gnirehtob I ma yhw os After his presidency,meht gnitnemucod emit fo etsaw Dubya wrote a si siht os ,llud dna gnirob era shtnom wef tsrif smemoir entitled ''Descizun Poyntz''aybuD .reloohcs-erp naciremA egareva eht naht erom gnihton gniwonk stoidi emos ot hceeps a evig ot dah yenehC kciD ykcirT tohsdaB tnediserP-eciV dna ,eH .repeewseniM gniyalp ,ognil lacitilop ni "noomyenoh" dellac ,shtnom wef tsrif eht tneps eH .mih ot ti evig ot truoC emerpuS a saw dedeen eh llA The editor effectively renamed it ''Decision Points''.noitcele na niw ot tsrif yrtnuoc ro egnahc dna epoh deen tIt has not sold any copies outside of Dubya'ndid dna naxeT detacudenu na s'eh home state of Texas,eeS .ti od tbut remains more interesting than Barack Osama'ndid eH .tnediserP fo eciffo eht fo eciffo eht ot ytingid erotser ot esimorp a no nar eH .1002 ,02 yraunaJ no erunet sih nageb aybuD===11/9-erP===s '']]liaF cipE[[ :elcitrA niaMDreams from My Marxist Father''==ycnediserP==.ffuts did dna ecnediser koot aybuD dna eltsaC etihW eht tfel notnilC halB ?wonk reve ew lliw woh It contains his early life,seiddub truoc dlooooooo sih dna aybuD fo esuaceb fascination with ducks,tuB .adirolF ni setov erom tog ylbaborp yllautca eroG hguoht alcoholism,aybuD ot ti evag tsuj truoC emerpuS eht failed political bids,oS .ytidiputs eht ot eud yltcerroc setov rieht tnuoc t'ndluoc adirolF litnu deit hcum ytterp erew yehT .yrotsih naciremA ni noitcele tsesolc eht ylbaborp saw tahw no eroG tsniaga nar aybuD .naxeT eht esohc yeht odd job working,hguone eruS ?tekcit ruo no eb rekcals naxeT detacudenu siht ro service as governor of Texas and owner of crappy baseball team,ssorc eht no ytinamuh fo gnivas sih htiw ]]suseJ[[ <s>stealing</s> of the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections,yenom dna strams retupmoc sih htiw setaG lliB War on Terror,tleb sih rednu sgnirif fo tnuoma ssam a dna ecneirepxe laicnanif htiw <s>happiness</s> sorrow on and after 9/11,pmurT dlanoD wolla ew dluohS .tilps fail of a saw ereht presidency,revewoh ,snacilboopeR eht roF and his post-presidential plans.smeD eht rof eenimon eht emaceb eroG lA suht ,tnangerp ]]engivaL lirvAThe following is an edited (by the ''Decision Points'' editor [[ tog rebeiB .eno nees reve I fi toidi na ,Sean Hannity]]rebeiB nitsuJ[[ dna ,stenretni het fo rotnevni eht ,eroG lA erew noitanimon citarcomeD eht rof gninnuR .no gniog erew snoitcele txen eht ,efiw sih no gnitaehc dna eltsaC etihW eht gnillortnoc saw notnilC halB deman ananab a nehw ,9991 ni kcaB]]ngiapmac eht ni tnemom gninihs dna duorp s'aybuD|xp051|thgir|bmuht|gpj.hsub-reltih-flodAof course) excerpt from the book about the War in Iraq:eliF[[}}eroG lA|!stenretni het detnevni I|q{{==ngiapmaC laitnediserP 0002==)erusaem doog rof( gnittamrof dab dna }}nc{{!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
.saxeT ni sexat tuc eh tub {{q|Say,did eh tahw ta dnimretsam a neeb evah dluoc aybuD you know Iraq has oil,ylireV .saxeT ni tuob sih ni ]]evoR lraK[[ nam dnah-thgir sih tem osla eH .etats eht otni adnagaporp lio gib erom detresni dna serusaem noitullopitna deppots aybuD right? I lied about Saddam having weapons of mass instruction,ronrevog sA so the guys would invade the joint after some idiots from Pakistan attacked the Trump Towers on 9/1 something.detcele saw aybuD dna egnahc rof ydaer t'nerew snaxeT So,hguone eruS .hhhhhhhhhhu ot dediced tsuj aybuD elihw ,"epoh dna egnahc" fo mroftalp they did and it cost the United States a no nar ]]aknoW ylliW[[ tnenoppo citarcnomeD siH lot in tax dollars.lio si esruoc fo hcihw But,sdne nwo sih rof dib lacitilop a yrter ot dellepmoc tlef aybuD ,saxeT fo dnalemoh sih nI==saxeT fo "ronrevoG"==.thgir tuoba sdnuoS .stnemeveihca sI did get oil for the next ''dad sih no gnitsaoc dna boj gnitalsigel a rof dib lufsseccusnu na tsuj saw "reerac" lacitilop ylrae s3 months'aybuD ,oS .selcsum ynam os pu esnet nac tab a gnigniwS .kcab s'reyalp niam sih degassam eh retfa ...yad sih evah dluow eh tub Is that not worth invading Iraq? Come on,QI 54- sih ot eud scitilop otni nettog ton dah eH .maet llabesab emos thguob dna saxeT ot kcab devom dna eltsaC etihW eht ni yddad sih tog eH you stupid critic of my super administration.C.D Man,notgnihsaW ot devom ylimaf kcud wen sih htiw aybuD dna deneppah ffutS people are idiots.eciffo lacitilop sselgninaem rehtona rof niaga nur dluoc eh os ]]lio[[ gnipaer detrats neht eH .tsol eh |Dubya,ylderussa dna ,snaxeT larur htiw hcuot fo kcal s'aybuD detats nwolc ehT .]]nwolc yracs|snwolC yracS[[ a tsniaga ]]sevitatneserpeR fo esuoH citsalP[[ eht rof dib a nar eh ,8791 ni tsriF .snoitcele gnilaets fo yrotsih gib a sah aybuD]]!sngiapmaC aybuD woH|bmuht|thgir|xp051|gpj.ybabaybuD:eliF[[=="reeraC" lacitiloP ylraE==.snoitcele emos gir ot emit saw tI .thgil mid sih enihs ot notelpmis naxeT siht rof emit saw tI .tnediserp eb ot naretev raw a ro trams eb ot deen t'ndid uoy taht dlrow eht wohs ot ydaer saw eH .scitilop otni gniog erofeb ti od eh dluow ,tuB .rehtona dnif dluoc aybuD ,ylireV .revol kcud sih dah llits eh gnihsiw modrekcals dna lohocla ot denruter eH .tiuq eh ,oL .reffo ot dah ecroF riA eht gnihtyreve ta dekcus yllaer eh ,suhT .sdnekeew no ]]artaniS knarF[[ ot denetsil netfo dna senalpria gnidir ta dekcus eH .nioj dluoc eh os pmac eohs hguorht tnew eH .doof suoiciled taht fo emos teg dluoc eh os ylniam ecroF riA saxeT eht denioj aybuD===yratiliM===.kcud eht decrovid eh dna yrgna aybuD edam netfo siht ,oS .dnim reveN .aybuD tuoba si siht ,tiaw ,tuB .ecudni dluoc hcus mrah ylidob eht nwonk evah dluow ecnegilletni dna tcelletni taerg fo nam a ,yleruS .tiuq mih ekam ot deirt kcud eht dna ,knard aybuD ,netfO .ycoidi sih ot eud ,ti dessap ylerab eh dna ,sgnilkcud 433 tsrif eht retfa emitemos DEG sih tog eH .rehtegot sevil rieht nageb yeht dna kcud eht deirram eh ,oS .aybuD ot gnihtyreve saw kcud siht tub ,rolyaT erofeb saw ti ,esruoc fO .kcud a htiw evol ni nellaf dah eh ecnis tuo deppord aybuD ,raey eromohpos sih retfA .edarg htruof ni kcab ooz eht ot pirt a no sresuort sih gnittew rof mih no dekcip yeht ecalp notsuoH taht morf gnivom retfa thgir hgiH sallaD ta raey eromohpos sih pu edam tahT .lohocla ot detcidda emoceb osla ot deganam aybuD woh si sihT .niag lanosrep sih rof einrofilaC letoM eht ot ]]snomed|redaelreehC[[ koot netfo eH .ecnegilletni on devlovni ssalc eht dna tif yllacisyhp era snaxeT lla ecnis ,myg tpecxe sessalc sih fo lla ni yllaturb deliaf eH .meetse-fles fo kcal sih ot eud gnimocemoh ot mom sih koot hsuB ,raey namhserf siH ?neht erofeb od eh did tahw ,tuB .yak ,loohcs hgih fo tuo deppord aybuD===ecnecselodA===Decision Points''}}
.yrebirb hguorht loohcs hgih ot ti ekam ot deganam eH .dekcus eh erehw loohcs elddim ot mih tog eseehc ssiws no troper tiderc artxe sih ,sselehtenoN ."selcitrap cimotabus rojam eerht eht era tahW" ot "tnediserP tsrif eht saw ohW" morf gnignar noitseuq yna ot rewsna eht ot "straf" gnitirw mih ot eud ,loohcs yratnemele deliaf tsomla aybuD .emoh yaw eht lla kcauq dluow eh ,netfo ,oS .ti devol dna skcud htiw deyalp eH .dik a sa The book sold 3 copies and critics who just rented/borrowed the monstrosity did aybuD esle tahw rednow emoS .seod eh niatrec tsomla era ew tub ,QI na fo wol ''taht'' sah aybuD taht gnitseggus si eno oN .toidi na hcus saw eh esuaceb knarF robhgien sih no sknarp gniyalp deyojne aybuD ,netfO .esra na ekil rehtaew saxeT mraw eht tuoba nialpmoc ot devol eh tey dna syad eseht ni luos sih fo dloh a nettog teg ton dah sataN .nhoJ fo koob eht ni dekrow dna skcaJ ekil semag bmud deyalp eH .ydnac fo sdaol gnitae rof suoiroton saw aybuD]]ecneconni sih ni aybuD|bmuht|thgir|xp051|gpjnot receive the book well.dikahsuBHere are some reviews for the book:eliF[[===doohdlihC===".elicebmi uoy ,ediced uoY ?lla su tifeneb erusaem lacihte htiw nam siht gnillik dluow ,oS .gnivil nopu gniht elttil yreve yortsed ot eganam lliw eH .kcaJ fo nrob saw cainam eht ,suhT" ekcoL fo sdrow eht ni gnidaer nopu ytlanep htaed eht rof ylgnorts saw eH .nrob saw tsilegnavE eht aybuD ,suhT .reve dna reverof ssapmoc larom sih ediug dluow sihT .scimeloP fo hctaW eht mih evag dna yadhtrib tsrif sih no mih detisiv ]]nagaeR dlanoR[[ rehtafdog siH .rehtruf neve ti hsarc tsirorret decneirepxeni na tel ot ylno ymonoce naciremA eht gnillik fo noissim eht dengissa saw eH .noissimmoC tnereverrI labolG eht ni detsilne aybuD ,nrob gnieb nopu yletaidemmI .tekcub eht fo tsethgirb eht deedni erew yelruC dna ,eoM ,yrraL sgnilbis siH .tiurf fo lwob a ni ]]ekoorB[[ dna ]]menimE[[ ot saxeT ,notsuoH ni nrob saw aybuD==efiL ylraE==.eb dluoc eh deednI ?detapitsnoc yllaer aybuD sI
?erus ton er{{q|Worse than ''ew tub Charlie Brown Goes to Washington!|Charlie Brown}}{{q|A waste of time!|Glenn Beck}}{{q|BS Alert!|America}}{{q|Wow,ti htiw od ot gnihtemos evah dluoc ]]nediB niB eoJ[[ there are ''words'' in it?]]eltsaC etihW[[ eht ta ytrap azzip a dah eh taht tcaf eht fo rednow eht ti si rO ?]]suseJ[[ neve rO ?]]srednaS lenoloC[[ deretnuocne eh taht tcaf eht fo rednow eht ti sI ?msilatnemadnuf cimalsI ot ]]rorreT no raW[[ eht fo ssol lufesoprup sih ti sI ?yhw tub ,parc fo eceip a si aybuD taht eurt deedni si tI|Critical English teacher}}{{q|I LOVE IT!|Dubya}}
.nam taf yllaer a saw eh ,lla retfA ?maddaS rednu despalloc evah ti dluow tub ,aybuD tuohtiw enod evah dluoc qarI .nosaer ddo emos rof ]]tfiwS rolyaT[[ yranoitulover lacidar htiw noitautafni na sah osla eH ?eh did Surely,tuB .tcA TOIRTAP eht htiw ycavirp gniretnuoc htiw mih tiderc emoS .yllaer ,egnartS .wollef ]]yrreK nhoJ[[ taht tsniaga dib noitcele-er sih nevE .semit eht fo ngis it was a eb ylurt dluoc 11/9 gnirud esnopser siH ]]?eh si ,tuB|amabO[[ flop and will be forgotten next month in bookstores and in general conversation.skcus ycnediserP eht nosaer elos eht eb ot dias si aybuD
.regruB yppilF eht fo redrO eht fo taht eb ot aybuD swonk enoyrevE .eb ton dluoc ylpmis taht tub ,reltiH si eh kniht ==Other odds and ends====See Also==*[[George Bush]]*[[George W Bush]]*[[Anagrams of George Bush]]*[[Iraq]]*[[Afghanistan]]*[[Oil]]*[[War on Terror]]*[[Stupid]]*[[Crap]]*[[Lies]eteP elcnU]*[[ .deretnuoc Idiot]]sesoM repuS*[[ hsub gninrub eht eb ot mih eveileb srehto teY .Arse]]nedaL nib amasO[[ dnuof reven eh dnA .tluC eht gninioj litnu Category:Politicians]]gniK regruB[[ fo naf eguh a saw eH .azzip elbanimoba na s'eh kniht srehto teY .detanracnier Category:US Politics]]sivlE[[ si eh kniht emoS .citilop ydob naciremA eht gnoma skrul ohw reklats ypeerc a si eH .sllod Category:Idiots]]eibraB[[ liveeeeeeeeee eht fo ycehporp eht llifluf ot redro ni Category:Stupid]]setatS detinU eht fo tnediserP[[ eht sa evres ot rodroM fo dnal eht fo sevle eht fo eno si )6491 .b( '''hsuB aybuD egroeG'''Category: People from Texas that speak with an accent]]
}}[[ar:جورج بوش]]yenehC tohsdaB =tnediserpeciv |[[bg:Букетче момини сълзи]]nacilboopeR =ytrap |smaerd sih ni ylno tub ,tfiwS rolyaT =efiw |kraP cissaruJ =htaed fo ecalp |2102 rebmeceD 32 =htaed fo etad |saxeT =htrib fo ecalp |6491 ni emitemoS =htrib fo etad |amasO kcaraB =dedeeccus |notnilC halB =dedecerp |emit sserp mih gnivig pots snacilbupeR nehW =2etad |1002 =1etad |setizarC =redro |gpj[[bs:George W.tachsub =eman egami |Bush]]eseybuD =ytilanoitan |hsuB "kcaR eyE" aybuD egroeG =eman | tnediserP xobofnI{{}}aybuD|!RED|q{{}}aybuD|[[cs:George W.ffo retteb tol a eb dluow dlrow eht dna ,setatS detinU eht fo tnediserp eht erew eh fi rewop ni eb llits dluow maddaS ,ylluferac netsil uoy fi ,si rettam taht fo hturt ehT|q{{Bush]]}}aybuD|.tnediserP ni devirra I gnirud ,tnediserP ni devirra I erofeb ,os ro edaced a revo ecalp koot teertS llaW no edam erew taht snoisiced eht fo tol a ezilaer lliw elpoep ,nettirw si doirep siht fo yrotsih eht nehw kniht I tub ,emit fo doirep siht gnirud tnediserP eht m'I ,wonk uoY|q{{}}aybuD|.ti rof diap uoY [[de:George W.yenom ruoy s'tI|q{{Bush]]}}aybuD|[[en:George W.margorp laredef fo dnik emos s'ti ekil ytiruceS laicoS gnillortnoc tnemnrevog laredef eht tnaw yehT|q{{Bush]]}}aybuD|!gnihtyna rof dnats t'nod uoy ,gnihtemos rof dnats t'nod uoy fI !gnihtyna rof dnats t'nod uoy ,gnihtyna rof dnats t'nod uoy fI|q{{[[eo:George Bush]]}}aybuD|.wal terpretni ot boj s'hcnarb evitucexe eht s'tI [[es:George W.wal etirw ot si boj s'erutalsigel ehT|q{{Bush]]}}hsuB .[[fi:George W egroeG|.etov dluohs ydobyreve si aciremA tuoba gniht taerg ehT|q{{Bush]]}}aybuD|.feiler xat eht fo tluser a sa derrucco taht ymonoce ruo ot kcik eht"-- etaresimmoc ton"-- etaresimmoc eht neeb evah t'ndluow ereht tub ,ticifed a neeb evah dluow ereht ,egakcap feiler xat eht tuohtiw ,eeS|q{{[[fr:Bushium]]}}aybuD >s/<RELTIH>s<|.rotatcid eht m[[he:ג'I sa gnol os tsuj ,reisae tol a fo kceh a eb dורג'ti ,pihsrotatcid a erew siht fI|q{{דביליו ערבוש]]}}aybuD|sdoohrobhgien ruo ni dnif nac ew taht tcudorp a si ti esuaceb erutan ni cirehpsimeh ti llac ot ekil I [[hr:George W.cirehpsimeh si sag larutaN|q{{Bush]]}}aybuD|[[hu:George W.eciffO lavO siht edisni deneppah tahw tuo serugif reve nosrep trams emos erofeb enog gnol eb ll'I|q{{Bush]]}}aybuD|[[it:George W.maerd ekat sgniw erehw ,epoh sdnif noitan ruo erehw si seilimaF|q{{Bush]]}}aybuD|.em detamitserednusim yehT|q{{[[ja:ジョージ・W・ブッシュ]]}}aybuD|.rorret no raw eht ot qarI tcennoc ot si boj ym fo strap tsedrah eht fo eno ,wonk uoY|q{{[[la:Georgius Bush]]}}aybuD|.tset ycaretil a ssap ot elba eb lliw reh ro eh dna ,daer ot dlihc a hcaet uoY|q{{[[nl:Bush (diersoort)]]}}aybuD|[[no:George W.esaesid elbidercni morf sreffus taht noitan a si acirfA .dluohs ew sa ,acirfA tuoba gniklat emit fo tol a tneps eW|q{{Bush]]}}aybuD|.gnitartsurf elttil a si ffuts ycilop ngierof sihT|q{{[[pl:George Bush]]}}aybuD|[[pt:George W.eciffO lavO eht ni ereh thgir snaeroK htroN eht yb detcudba saw ohw dlihc a fo rehtom a gniteem rebmemer I|q{{Bush]]}}aybuD|.meht fo eno m'I dnA .nwod edispu denrut neeb evah sevil esohw esoht rof reyarp—reyarp fo tol a s'ereht yrtnuoc ruo ssorca lla taht wonk tsum anaisiuoL ni elpoep ehT|q{{}}aybuD|gnihsif m'I nehw ti ekil ylralucitrap I dnA .naeco eht ees ot tsartnoc tnasaelp a saw ti ,eroferehT .tresed eht ni pu werg I—naeco eht raen—tcaf fo rettam a sa—naeco eht ni pu worg t'ndid I|q{{[[ru:Джордж Буш-младший]]}}aybuD|wahtnu ot elihw a ekat ot gniog s'ti ,waht ot elihw a koot—waht sihT|q{{[[sv:George Bush]]}}aybuD|metsys tekram eerf eht evas ot selpicnirp tekram eerf denodnaba ev'I|q{{[[th:จอร์จ ดับเบิลอี ตุ๊ด]]}}aybuD|[[tr:George W.noisserpeD taerG eht naht retaerg noisserped a fo gninnigeb eht ro ,noisserpeD taerG eht naht retaerg noisserped a gnirud tnediserp eht eb ot tnaw t'ndid I dediced dna taht dezylana I oS|q{{Bush]][[zh:小布什]]}}aybuD|azaG eht otni smra fo gnilggums eht pots ot tpygE htiw krow ot si erif[[zh-esaec elbaniatsus a si ereht taht erusne ot yaw tseb ehT|q{{}}aybuD|.noissecer a no gnidne ma I ,noissecer a detirehni I ,kool ,ymonoce eht fo smret nI|q{{}}aybuD|.sisirc a eb ot ereht tneverp pleh ot yenom s'elpoep gnikrowdrah esu ot saw sisirc laicnanif eht no edam I noisiced eht fo strap tluciffid yrev eht fo enO|q{{}}aybuD|.dneirf snaem tahT '.yddub' ereh noitacude fo yraterces eht llac ot KO s'ti sseug I|q{{}}aybuD|rorret era ereht dna ,dlrow eht ni nemdam si erehT|q{{tw:屌布殊]]
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