Uncyclopedia:Administrators policy

Welcome new administrator to out admin team! This page will explain your duties, roles, responsibilities and of course privileges of being a sysop hear. Being an admin does not make you above everyone else, if you abuse your rights they will be removed without question.

What additional powers do I get?Edit

This is basic list of extra tools you get. Bolded items are common with the deletion user group and italic items are common to the rollback user group.

  • Rollback edits of one editor to the last version by another
  • Suppress redirects when performing a page move
  • Delete pages
  • Undelete pages
  • Delete revisions from public view
  • Protect pages
  • Unprotect pages
  • Edit protected pages
  • Block users
  • Unblock users
  • Edit the MediaWiki namespace
  • Edit other users personal JavaScript files.

Other user rightsEdit


  • Oversight a revision or log entry so that only users in the oversight group can see it (not even normal sysops can see it).

Check userEdit

  • Check a user's IP address or see what accounts are connected to an IP address, usually to make IP blocks on spammers and sockpuppeteers.
  • View the CheckUser log of other CheckUsers doing checks on users and IPs


  • Edit all user rights
  • Rename a user
  • Merge two users into the one account

Your rolesEdit