Hm? Well, eh... if we pay you, you leave us alone. Otherwise, you can pay us to avoid capital punishment.

Here is a list of EU-politicians bureaucrats. We dunno if you care or dare, but you can contact them on their following talk pages. Each bureaucrat can:

  • set fire on your house with napalm.
  • write bad articles with bad jokes. They protect their pages because these are theirs.
  • lolban you without a warning.
  • rename your articles to YOU is a fat dick.
  • mark edits as minor edits, while they actually deleted the page.
  • give you adminrights for a minute and block you forever afterwards.
Ooooh you want to become administrator??? You're smart. Ehm NOT. First you can edit POSITIVLY as much as possible to get your title honestly.

List of bandits

  1. Helder Oliveira - (talk)
  2. CartoonistHenning - (talk)
  3. Colonel Sanders - (talk)
  4. The Bard - (talk)