Uncyclopedia:Check user

An Uncyclopedia Check user hard at work. Looking for its man!

Uncyclopedia's check users are the equivalent of wiki perverts. They go through your personal information and logs looking for something bad to dig up on you. And guess what? You are banned!

Check users are held by few people to prevent conflict of interest in the event of someone official doing it.

Alright what is really?

Check user is a thing on Uncyclopedia that allows a user to view IP addresses and other personal information of users on the site. It is only used in cases of sockpuppetry and on spambots (since they almost always edit on Open proxy) and the button is held by very few people, and will stay that way. We respect your privacy and anyone caught abusing Check user will be demoted and possibly banned.

You may be checkuser'd if...

  • You are suspected of having sockpuppets, we can then use it to see if get an IP match or an exact browser match (so don't even think about using a proxy, because it probably won't be enough)
  • You are a spambot (Offending IPs are almost always Open Proxies and should be blocked without mercy and to avoid further spamming)
  • Are are a persistent enough vandal to actually make us be bothered to check user you and cut off your ability to make more accounts.
  • You upload illegal content (yeah we'll IP ban you if you do that)

Remember this

If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to be worried about. Only 6 users currently have checkuser access, so your IP address / browser info will stay between those 6. Not even the other admins will know what goes on.