Wankimedia Foundation

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The Wankimedia Foundation is a shell corporation of the Bomis company, or possibly Wankipedia. It's hard to tell really. The tangled web of interconnected businesses woven by Jimbo Wales and company has been difficult for experts to unravel, including investigative reporters, tax men, and telephone psychics.

“Jimbo's shady complex of companies and their many-tentacle accounting scheme is more nightmarish than a Wes Craven movie.”

~ Shanda Lear, Bloomberg Business


What is obvious is that the Foundation exists to lend more credibility to the dubious legitimacy of what is tantamount to a subjugation mechanism that forces desperate and underprivileged women to feed the insatiable flesh-lust of misogynist creeps.[1] Oh, and it makes for a dandy money laundering tax shelter way to collect corporate welfare donations.


  1. How's that for Simple English? My vocab si beyon compair.
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